ShuvelShuvel is an American rock band which released a major label album in 2000 though Interscope Records. 

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Shuvel Dal

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[HD] Shuvel - Live Set it Off at Homdel NJ, Ozzfest 2000 USA [01/06]

Shuvel - Live Set it Off at Homdel NJ, Ozzfest USA Tracklist: 01.Set It Off 02.Jump In 03Those Who Stand In Line 04.Hitlist 05.Inside Out 06.Past Tense Length: ...

Shuvel - Music

Shuvel -- As the World Burns 01) Dinosaur 02) C.T.F. 03) Get it Right 04) Los Flores 05) Time for Some Action 06) Music 07) Don't Stop! 08) Mr. President 09) ...

Shuvel - Slate

Shuvel - Slate As song that was released on the Celebrity Deathmatch Soundtrack released in 1999. It was also a year before there debut album "Set it Off".