Spectromancer is a computer game developed by Apus Software and Three Donkeys LLC. The game was released in October 2008. The expansion League of Heroes, Truth & Beauty, and Gathering of Power are upgrade to the game rather than a stand-alone expansion and were released respectively at 2010, 2011, and 2013. The game was developed by Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield, Alexey Stankevich and Skaff Elias. Spectromancer's gameplay revolves around a playing-card dynamic. In the single-player campaign, the player traverses a mythical world collecting various cards to use in duels. There is also an online arena, where a player can duel other players, and a high score list. Unlike most collectible card games, players do not construct a deck before the game starts. Instead, at the beginning of each duel, each player is randomly given twenty cards, four from each of five elements. These cards vary in mana cost and function. Each turn, the player gains one mana in each element, and may play a single card. Playing a card does not cause it to become "used"; there is no concept of a hand or a discard pile. Bővebben...

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Spectromancer Tournament XXI: Oct-5. Playoffs.

Плей-офф стадия октябрьского глобального турнира. Quarterfinal KingInTheNorth - StephanieF x 3 Semifinals Krugopryad - Alex92 x 5 StephanieF - ligaaa...

Spectromancer Tournament IX - Final-1(SeaLeta vs CIever)-2

Spectromancer Global Tournament IX (blitz mode). Final battle: SeaLeta vs CIever, duel 2.

Let's Play Flash - Spectromancer

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